Introduction of Govee Developer Platform

Govee Developer Platform provides Govee users with rich and complete IoT scene services. Users can quickly realize the interconnection between Govee products and other products and platforms based on the command sets provided by Govee. It helps to build a comprehensive smart home ecosystem and allow users to create a better life.

Product Advantages:

  1. Break the barriers of different brands and jointly create a convenient smart home scene.
    You can integrate Govee products into different smart home platforms to create a comprehensive smart home ecosystem and facilitate your life.

  2. Enhance your entertainment experience by interconnecting with other products.
    When you are watching a movie, playing games or in other entertainment scenes, access Govee light products to achieve a DreamView experience.

  3. Easier control for live scenes, making interaction with the audience more interesting.
    When you are live streaming, utilize the control and the streaming media to achieve interesting interactions with the audience.

Application Steps:
Step 1
First, you need to apply for an API key on Govee Home App.<>.

Step 2
Use your API key to develop. Please find more details of the development process in our developer document. <>.

Step 3

The current product is a beta version. If you have any questions, please share your feedback. We will continue to update and optimize the experience.