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Device H617A show up as a device under new API, but does not return data

I have a user that has a H617A RGBIC Basic Strip Light that is shown in through the API, but it doesn't seem to return any data back when my integration trys to get the device state. All values are blank. I now this device isn't on the supported device list, but it is returned by the API as a valid device. Can we figure out if this device will be fully supported.

is there API support for H5075 in your roadmap?

Hi there! I am looking to programmatically export temperature and humidity data? is this something you plan to support via your API? Do you have an alternative until then? Cheers!

Postman Collection

Can Govee release an officially supported Postman collection for these APIs? One I found online is quite old.

API support for individual light strip segments

Hi there I just got started playing around with the API and I’m realizing there’s no way to control individual segments of strip lights with the api. Is there a V2 api I can get access to? I’m assuming it exists as other products integrate with Govee. Thank you

Support for combo plugs such as H5082 not fully implemented

When using a combo plug such as the H5082 the api only returns one devices.capabilities.on_off value which seems to be 1 if any plug is on and 0 if no plugs are on. Additionally when sending a on/off command it effects both sides of the plug instead of allowing for control of each side. It'd be great if the API split both sides of the plugs into different values so this plug type could be controlled.

Govee H5107 API Integration

Hi! I just received the set of 3x H5107 Hygrometers and 1x Gateway - Is there any plan to add support for these devices via the API? It looks like this is a relatively new product, so hopefully this is planned. I'd really like to be able to read and store the temperature data in Home Assistant, and I think having these devices supported via the Govee API is the next step towards making that possible. Thanks!

API Support for Model H5151

Hi Support Team, I am reaching out to request the inclusion of the Model H5151 in your API support lineup. Could you let me know if there are any plans for this? Thank you

Smart buttons support H5122, H5126, H5125

Please govee add support for smart button press detection via subscribe device event for those models H5122, H5126, H5125 thankthanks

Devices with audio/white noise

There have been a number of devices that support audio/ white noises. It would be nice if we could get proper support for those components The devices that come to mind for this are: Portable Night Light H6057 Galaxly projector H6092 Aroma diffuser Pro H7162 Smart Floor Lamp Pro H6079 It would be great if we could have atleast a way to turn on and off the audio and select the playback sound.

H5179 Wifi Thermo-Hygrometer

Hi, Posible for Govee to include the datetime stamp on API - Get Device State? The reason is that I unable to tell the temperature or humidity data requested from API when it uploaded from the device H5179. I have tested by remove the battery, but the online state still showing "True" By including the datetime stamp, we will able to tell the device still communicate with the HOST (API) or broken for whatever reason. Thank you <br>