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What is the rate limit for calling requests?

I want to know waht the rate limit for calling request is? And what exactly is the different to this (<https://govee.readme.io/reference/govee-developer-api>) Govee API?

Is there a way to trigger Tap-To-Run?

Hello! I've been playing with the device controls and I had a question about scene controls... Is there a way to trigger Tap-To-Run scenes? Is there a way to control Rooms or Groups? Or do I have to essentially have to create the scene from scratch by creating API calls to each individual device's scene? Thanks!

Support for H607C (Floor Lamp 2)

Hello, Is there any plan to support the Floor Lamp 2 (H607C) in the API? Right now, it appears in the list of devices but there's no way to interact with it. Thanks for your help.

Smart plug H5086 add energy usage info to state in API

Right now can only get the on/off state of the smart switch through the API, would be awesome if we could also get the energy monitoring information too. Give the power, current, and voltage

Inconsistancy with Work_mode on different devices

As I have been working through devices to support i have run into allot of inconsistent usage of the Work_Mode capability between devices. Here are a few examples The H7126 uses gearMode(workMode =1) with a option value of 1 for Sleep while a H7122 and the H7120 sleep mode(workMode = 5) with a option value of 0. It doesn't stop with that kind of different though. Then I also have a H7106 Tower fan that uses sleep modea as (workMode=3) with a option value 0f (1 through 8) I would hope that these values would be standardized across device types if possible so while integrators are creating their programs the responses are consistent across devices. I see this making it much harder to implement a integration then it should be. I am not sure how you would fix this now, but I think every effort should be made to reuse the same values when the naming and such is identical

When will the curtain lights H70B1 be supported?

I would love to see support for the 3x1 cluster of curtin lights, to be able to programmatically show some KPIs oder moving text.

Hygrometers (H5075) not supported?

Love your gear and want to use the API to ensure the automated triggers are actually taking place overnight. I use a humidifier as the distributed gateway for switches and hygrometers. The switches control air conditioners. If the switch doesn't turn off the environment becomes near freezing, despite the hygrometer triggering the automation step to shut the switch to the AC off. I'd like to write an app that acts as a backstop to the automation step. I would poll the hygrometer and if it reaches the trigger temp, then send a command to verify or change the state of the switch. Thanks for your help and support! You guys rock!

Any chance we could add support for H5109? (Pool Thermometer)

I'm able to successfully use the API to pull my list of devices, and I see my other Govee items (lights etc), but the new H5109 doesn't appear in the results. I assume it needs support added to the API because it shows fine in my Govee app. Any help would be great!

Add Api support for H7106

Please add support for your new fans please

colorTemperatureK out of range via iOS app

Hello, I'm trying to use the documentation, especially around colorTemperatureK, however I see that API reference that values should be between 2000 (warm) and 9000 (cold), however after setting up the warm value in iOS app, value is between 10275 (cold) and 53255 (warm). This is an intermittent issue and restarting the app fixes the problem.