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Devices with audio/white noise

There have been a number of devices that support audio/ white noises. It would be nice if we could get proper support for those components The devices that come to mind for this are: Portable Night Light H6057 Galaxly projector H6092 Aroma diffuser Pro H7162 Smart Floor Lamp Pro H6079 It would be great if we could have atleast a way to turn on and off the audio and select the playback sound.

H5179 Wifi Thermo-Hygrometer

Hi, Posible for Govee to include the datetime stamp on API - Get Device State? The reason is that I unable to tell the temperature or humidity data requested from API when it uploaded from the device H5179. I have tested by remove the battery, but the online state still showing "True" By including the datetime stamp, we will able to tell the device still communicate with the HOST (API) or broken for whatever reason. Thank you <br>

Stream Deck Integration Issue

Once my API key was entered, out of all 5 Govee devices, the only item on the drop-down is the one old item I don't know where it is anymore (and is not connected). Even when I hit refresh, I can't see any of the other devices. They are on the Supported Product list. Any suggestions?

Home Asisstant Integration

Do we have any new home assistant integration projects or efforts on existing projects as a result of this new API effort?

Is there something wrong with MQTT as of 4/5 1:19 EST

For the last few days my integrated Presence sensor hasn't received any MQTT updates. it is a model H5127. <br> It was working previously for days. I have tried occasionally since 4/8 having the device re initialize the connection which appears successful but no updates are posted when the device changes states. Is there a problem with MQTT related to this api.

Please add support for the Curtain Light 2 and Smart Tower Fan

Please add support for the Curtain Light 2 H70B5 and the Smart Tower Fan H7106 as they are new devices and do not currently seem to be supported.

LAN Api Commands

Do we have a list of LAN API commands? <br> I mean, my strip lead has segment colors and sets a different RGB for each one locally like the application already does. Or selecting a scene. <br> The knowledge command is: `colorwc, turn` <br>


So I wanted to ask if there could be a discussion around how to better setup rate limits for users other then a flat 10k number. First let me explain the reason this is coming to mind which is a pretty simple cause. It seems rather obvious, but not all users are the same. Some users will be abusers and with 1 device flood the API with no concern of overall usage, while other will be studious. Often the most studious are those that also understand the impact and may have the most devices. I have over 30 devices myself that are actually active. That translates to over 30 when you consider I have a few devices that are bluetooth controllers, or simply multiple kits that are combined like a Y light kit that has 14 lights connected which is essentially 7 panel kits. So my setup is kind of large. I also have all of this integrated with Hubitat. Part of my integration tries to look at the devices integrated and then calculate a reasonable suggestion for users to use for polling to keep their devices updated and keeping a portion of calls reserved for activity, while not impacting rate limits. By default the integration sets everything up with a 300 second/ 5 min polling. Depending on the device and how it is used that should be more then sufficient most of the time. I also have allot of users that use LAN API options to further minimize their API activity. That all being said I just noticed my suggested value for my home with 30 connected devices just hit 306 seconds or just over 5 min in my integration. That will only get worse. I have two devices that I am currently waiting for support in the New API and once that happens the number will continue to climb. 5 min between pooling isn't exactly horrible, but is a decent amount of time to wait for a Home automation to be updated. In a way this is punishing users that have more devices. It would be nice if there was some way to scale the API Rate Limit based on number of devices. It would also help if technologies like MQTT could be used to reduce the polling needed by allowing polling to be turned on/off until certain events occur like a Device Power on or off. <br>

H70B1 send custom image of my goove curtain

Hi, with LAN API I can send a custom pixel image (ln app called "color" mode) ? how?

H7173 Kettle

The Govee iOS mobile app can set the H7173's 'Keep Warm' setting but it appears that the Govee API will not recognize the autoStop parameter to control the same setting per the API documentation. <https://openapi.api.govee.com/router/api/v1/device/control> { "requestId": "uuid", "payload": { "sku": "H7173", "device": "XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX", "capability": { "type": "devices.capabilities.temperature_setting", "instance": "sliderTemperature", "value": { "temperature": 145, "unit": "Fahrenheit", **"autoStop": 1** } } } } { "requestId": "uuid", "msg": "success", **"code": 200,** "capability": { "type": "devices.capabilities.temperature_setting", "instance": "sliderTemperature", "state": { "status": "success" }, "value": { "temperature": 145, "unit": "Fahrenheit", **"autoStop": 1** } } }