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Will the Motion Sensors/ other sensors make it to the api?


I love Govee, they have been my go to for years, in several houses, for many things,

I've just now gotten deep into the Smart Home Field, and Govee was a good entry point for new integrations

Which leads to my question, will Govee ever add their sensors (i.e. window/door sensor, Motion Sensor, Presence Sensor, Vibration Sensor, etc.) To the api, or is this simply not possible,

This would be the perfect chance for Govee to step into the market, and be a great competitor to Aqara or other sensor and light brands,

The automation on the govee app, are less than stellar, the refresh rate is a little slow, such as when a door gets closed and opened too quickly, it doesn't recieve the notice, And you can't set things like, (after 5 minutes, if no Motion is detected, turn off the strip lights) or ( if Motion is detected on "Closet Motion sensor" turn on "Outdoor flood light" segment 4)

I hope to hear more, and look forward to some form on integration or ability to use outside of govee