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Local proxy for AWS IoT devices

As I understand it devices like the H6008 are limited to AWS IoT control, but it's highly desirable to control these bulbs locally. For end-users, local control means more responsive changes and more graceful behavior after power or internet outages. For Govee, local control means reduced infrastructure bills for every user who takes advantage.

I propose these devices could listen for service advertisements on the LAN from a Govee-developed proxy. The proxy could be provided by a foreground mobile app with built-in broker, background desktop app with built-in or external broker, or standalone with an external broker for use with platforms like HomeAssistant and Hubitat. While the local proxy is available, the devices would subscribe to the appropriate local broker. In turn, the local proxy would subscribe to the IoT MQ to handle non-local messages on behalf of its local subscribers. Other potential proxy providers joining the network would defer to any provider already advertising, and would self-elect a new provider when the active provider leaves the network.

This approach would be low-overhead, low-maintenance, and could be tucked behind a switch for advanced users like LAN control for other devices.